Welcome to Dedication 6/12

Welcome to Dedication 6/12 - a blog I’ve started to catalog a 10-week journey towards a healthier me.

Like many people, I struggle with weight. I’ve had this struggle my whole life. While I could point at a whole set of circumstances, I refuse to be a victim. I’m intelligent. I have many tools at my dispoal. I have some experience losing weight. And I’m starting this blog to help me propel my next wave of weight loss and health.

To start, I’m going to journal every day in the evening answers to a few questions, like how I did that day and how I’m feeling. Working hard towards something and then sharing it has always been a big motivator for me. So you will see these posts to start.

Bigger picture, I want to share more of my story with you. I want to tell you about how complicated my relationship with food is. I want to tell you about how the habits my family formed in me as a child have both been good and bad - and I how I started to shape my experience by what is ideal, and not merely by what I know. I want to tell you about how essential sharing with others has become to my mission. I want to tell you about all the approaches I apply, tools I use, and planning I do to help support drive the outcomes I’m looking for. This will come over time.

10 weeks. One goal - to execute my plan with few exceptions. I realize the odds are against me. But I commit to give it my all. This post is my signature.

Welcome to my journey.