The 4-Hour Body

The 4-Hour Body book is great. I’ve read many different books over the years on health and wellness, and this one has been the most influential in my life. It pointed me in the right direction.

This book emphasizes systems over goals. It encourages experimentation and discovery over trying to rigidly follow another person’s idea of what is best for another’s body. It takes a holistic view of one’s body and mind (e.g., it’s not just about the diet or the exercise, but perhaps it’s about at least those two things, and other things too!). And it puts at its core a simple concept of applying return-on-investment (ROI) principles to activities related to health and wellness - that is, do the work that gives you the maximum benefit on a value curve, and then relax and enjoy the accomplishment.

A simple illustration of that last principle is the boiling point of water. You can heat water to extreme temperatures beyond what is required to boil water. But once you’ve reached boiling point temperature, if the purpose of putting in the energy is to boil water, any extra energy put into the heating of the water beyond this point is completely wasted!

I recommend this book. It’s worth a look, no matter your disposition.