Day 4

With day 4 in the books, I’m pleased to sit down and jot down a thought or two.

How did I do?

I did great today - all I can think about is how to bottle up this momentum, this energy, and keep it going for when the day comes that I’m not as motivated. I’d love to pretend it won’t come, but I’ve lived long enough to know it happens. Adding the fruit in the mornings has been a positive experiment. Today’s cross training were pushups. I felt it. 10k steps also in the 📚!

Highlight of the day?

Seeing my friend Cindy post a comment on my day 3 post - how uplifting to see someone standup and say, in effect: “I too will join you on your journey and reflect on my efforts right along with you.” Fantastic!

Close second: Making a plan to have someone join me Saturday on my first 5k of the journey. An old colleague that maybe I can get to join my company again. Here’s to hoping!

How do I feel?

I’m feeling good overall. A sense of strength overcomes me. I can do anything right now. I kinda want to just go out there and run NOW! I will wait until tomorrow morning. Have to pace myself. 😉