Day 13

With day 13 in the books, I’m pleased to sit down and jot down a thought or two.

How did I do?

It’s the weekend, so time to relax some. But really happy with the results this week. With almost two weeks in the books, I’m already down almost 10 lbs! Excellent progress. And I got my run in this morning, and a salad for dinner, so everything is going well.

Highlight of the day?

Today was my 5K “race day,” where I “run” a 5K. I chose a nice route in my neighborhood and proceeded as scheduled to walk a mile, run a mile, and walk the rest of the way.

The highlight is that in the mile I ran, I paced a little over a 10 min/mile. This is really good for me, and an early milestone. Remember, I want to get to 5k in 30 minutes, which means I need to be pacing at or below 10 min/mile. I have quite a way to go, but the training is going well. I felt I could run even more! But it’s important to pace myself.

How do I feel?

Feeling good. Feeling strong. In weeks 3 and 4, the intensity of the running increases. I’ll be running 15 minutes out of the 30 (up from 10 minutes) during the week, and running 1.5 miles out of the 5K (up from a mile) on Saturdays. But I already feel like my current circuit is almost too easy, so I’m ready for the next challenge. We’ll see how it goes.

On another front, we are on the cusp of embarking on a journey to the Netherlands for six weeks. Me, Bettina, and all six kids. I’m nervous and excited. Many challenges await. I’m thankful for the role this blog plays in keeping grounded and focused on what ultimately matters. They key is to anticipate, plan, and execute. I’m not sure I’ve done all the planning I want to do, but enough to know I’m no going to be caught too off guard.

Stay tuned!