Days 15 and 16

With days 15 and 16 in the books, I’m pleased to sit down and jot down a thought or two.

How did I do?

Not great. Terrible, actually. I ate poorly and have led a very sedentary set of hours as I migrated my family from Miami, FL to Gouda, Netherlands for the summer. I bought and packed protein bars. I made a plan. But it didn’t matter. In the face of a stressful situation and plenty of poor food within reach, I indulged in pretty terrible food. No journaling. No keeping up of my tracker. Bad bad bad. 🙈 🙉

Highlight of the day?

Seeing my kids experience the plane ride. It’s always fun to see their reactions to takeoffs and landings.

Second place: seeing my stroller and car seat come off the “odd shaped luggage” conveyor belt at Schipol after thinking they were long-lost. That was a huge relief!

Third place: seeing the lovely polders from the sky as we neared landing in Amsterdam. It always moves my heart to see the beautifully manicured landscape of the Netherlands, somehow very European and at the same time very distinct from every other European country.

How do I feel?

It feels good to catch up on my journal. But I have to hit a reset button here. I have to get back to business. It’s essential to my journey.