Day 29

With day 29 in the books, I’m pleased to sit down and jot down a thought or two.

How did I do?

Not good. The beggining of the day was OK but then deteriorated at night quickly. We moved into our cabin in the woods today for the next couple weeks, so the opportnity to stock up on junk food was huge. And so we did. I’m thankful that the Netherlands in general is not nearly as gluttonous as the United States, so that does limit things. Maar wat is slecht is slecht. (But what is bad, is bad.)

I am on vacation now, officially (no working remotely), so I’ll just try to keep limiting the damage.

Highlight of the day?

This place we’re at - Landal Vennenbos - is amazing for children. Thousands of acres carefully crafted for children and adults alike to play, without fear of cars or motorbikes trampling through. It really is quite amazing, and somehow feels like we’re in some second or third gear of vacationing.

And so with that backdrop, the highlight of the day is seeing my kids make use of the little bits we discovered thus far - a trampoline, an indoor playground, and this cool raft that you can pull yourself on across a lake - just lots of fun stuff. And seeing the kids make the most of the little bit of the space we explored yesterday gives me a lot joy, for their sakes.

How do I feel?

Mixed. I need a scale - maybe I can buy one while I’m out on this vacation park. (They have a central village with all sorts of shops.) What will it read? But at the same time, so happy to enjoy one of the dedicated green spaces on this planet. Being in the woods is great. Glamping, baby!