Day 32

With day 32 in the books, I’m pleased to sit down and jot down a thought or two.

How did I do?

I did better today. Spent the morning waiting around a single pair of washer/dryer (for a whole campground!) so little opportunity for bad food. Then I chilled at the bungalow while watching Stage 12 of the Tour de France. Best last 500m in a while, thanks, Bettina! After that, did some hiking with the four younger children, including a real-life maze! Pretty fun. And I finished the night with another hike in the woods while Bettina put kids in bed. (Thanks again, Bettina!)

A lot of movement. Ready to run tomorrow.

Diet was decent.

Highlight of the day?

The highlight of the day is seeing my kids have fun at the maze. So much fun!

How do I feel?

Feeling good. So nice to take some time off. 👯