Day 2

With day 2 in the books, I’m pleased to sit down and jot down a thought or two.

How did I do?

I did good today. I did some push ups and sit ups for my cross training activity today with my nine-year old daughter. Ate well, solidly.

Highlight of the day?

So many today! Lunch with a dear friend and colleague, working with another dear friend and colleague on some branding and stlying things about the blog, yet another awesome conversation with another friend and colleague about the importance of caring about my health, receiving the following response to sharing my blog (because I mention that the odds are against me in this post): “That’s awesome Daniel. I’ll be following your blog and cheering you on. And BTW… the odds are stacked in your favor, NOT against you!”

How do I feel?

Feeling good. Relieved. Day 2 gone, 68 to go. Feels like these last 48 hours are a breeze. I was feeling the headache you get when you start to withdraw from an overload of carbs, but given that it wasn’t too long ago that I was on this type of exercise and diet plan, I feel like it isn’t as terrible. Temptations aren’t as strong! A tray of chocolate chip cookies sits in a shared space at my office, and I don’t care to have one. #FeelsGoodMan