Day 20

With day 20 in the books, I’m pleased to sit down and jot down a thought or two.

How did I do?

Weekend! Relaxed on the diet, but I did do my weekly 5K. This week was my first time running 2.5k (with a small break in the middle of the run), walking 2.5k. Felt good out there!

Running route

Running splits

As before, I wanted to push myself and run more, but intentionally did not do so. I’m on a training plan. I want to enjoy this, sustain this. I like the progress I’m observing so far.

Highlight of the day?

Had the chance to visit the old center of Gouda early in the morning with the family. It was a perfect time. Gouda is widely the same way it was when the founders built it over 700 years ago. So nice to walk the cobblestone streets and feel the history peel off the bricks that make up the structures around you. And walking home with two saucijzenbroodjes in hand from one of the best bakeries in all of Holland is pretty sweet.

How do I feel?

I’ve developed a bit of a cold (a cough and runny nose), probably from all the early morning 50-degree temperature runs I’m doing without great gear for such a climate. But I’m managing. Emotionally feeling healthy. I have a big week next week - meetings with one of our top customers in Amsterdam on Monday, then fly to London the rest of the week to meet with some partners. Temptations are going to be big. Just have to keep doing what I’ve been doing. The #dedication6twelve journey is meant to be walked on point, not half-assed.

Bonus: The view from our dining room…

… as we ate homemade Kip Tandoori, made by the one and only Bettina.