Day 26

With day 26 in the books, I’m pleased to sit down and jot down a thought or two.

How did I do?

Well, I had planned to run in Hyde Park in the morning before heading to the airport. But I accidentally poured boiling water on my left hand from a kettle-pour-gone-bad. That led me to some pretty serious injury and pain management. It hurt a lot! I didn’t see any immediate skin damage, so I just soaked it in water for a few hours. That helped. But yeah.. that was a big distraction…

I did make it to the airport, and I tried to keep my steps up. Between virtual meetings, I walked up and down. But on the diet front, I had some sandwiches with mayo in them, and I also had a couple of sugary lattes. Not so great. Not so great today.

Highlight of the day?

Despite my failings lately, I’m somehow still inspirational. This is easily my highlight of the day:

(Click through. Give it a read. Consider giving Luis your encouragement.)

How do I feel?

Tempted to feel terrible. Life it too short for such nonsense. At the risk of not learning, I refused to stay down. Tomorrow I run my 5K, and I pledge to not only follow through, but I will also post a sub-40:00 time. Next week I’ll do what I was planning to do the week that just passed. And I will get back on track. Being on official vacation (no remote working) as of tomorrow will help!