Day 27

With day 27 in the books, I’m pleased to sit down and jot down a thought or two.

How did I do?

Started the day running 5K (3.12 miles). Great start!

Even though it was the weekend, and I like to relax a bit, I had a very muted day diet-wise. Mild. Also good.

Directionally better.

Highlight of the day?

Took my kids to this awesome playground in Gouda that had a zip line. Seeing all the children ride the zip line was a lot of fun. Lots of videos were taken. I don’t have a video readily available to share but maybe I can update this post later with one. It was great to see the kids have fun. Easy highlight.

How do I feel?

Feeling better. Left hand is healing. But now I’m developing a cough and runny nose. No rest for the weary. I’m hoping to take it easier tomorrow. Sundays are typically chill days in Holland. Only the bigger cities open up stuff. And stage nine of the Tour de France should have some (relative) fireworks. So yeah… feeling better. Pushing forward and onward.