Day 45

With day 45 in the books, I’m pleased to sit down and jot down a thought or two.

How did I do?

I ran! And it was lovely.

Rather than follow my plan, I just walked a few minutes, ran, and then finished walking. So I probably ran about 2 miles straight, which was an awesome feeling (I can run again!). Including the bookend walks I paced 11:30 min/mile (2.6-mile total distance in just over 30 minutes), so the actual running was around 10:00 min/mile. Right where I want to be!

Running sidebar

I think I will go back to run/walk with 5-minute bookend walks for warm-up/cool-down on Friday. And rather than make Saturdays my “race days,” I will transition my Mon-Wed-Fri workouts to not include the warm up/cool down walks. I will walk for a few minutes, start the workout when I run, run for 30 minutes (with some walks sprinkled in if I feel I need it), stop the workout, then walk the cooldown. This way I can start measuring just the run portions not to guess. It’s time to make 5k in 30! It’s in sight. I may run on Saturdays, but these will be fun runs, so I won’t hold myself to account for them.

I’ve been eating well lately. Being back at home helps a ton. When one is in a vacation park, within walking distance of all the naughty food you can imagine, it’s hard to resist.

So, today was a good day.

Highlight of the day?

I already mentioned it, but the running was an absolute highlight. I’m reinvigorated. I think the rest (first while in London, then the last few days at the woodsy cabin) has done my body good.

How do I feel?

I am feeling sharp. Tomorrow I get to visit Breda, a small town in the same part of the Netherlands as the woodsy cabin (Noord Brabant) to work remotely. A lot of natural walking will occur.

And I will never tire of saying just how grateful I am for being the Netherlands, for having this wonderful opportunity to immerse myself in another culture, and one that I love.

And I’m also grateful to you for following my journey and for encouraging me. I love you for it. Thank you.