Day 49

With day 49 in the books, I’m pleased to sit down and jot down a thought or two.

How did I do?

After yesterday’s disappointment, the first thing I did today: walked 5 km. 😂 I have over 16k steps for the day.

Diet was good, too. Even though it’s weekend, I’ve muted myself on the food front. It’s harder to eat high quantities of unhealthy food in the Netherlands. It takes a bit more of “out of your way” movement, and there are a lot of choices here for some lekker en gezond eten.

Highlight of the day?

I went to Utrecht with the whole family today. A lot of fun.

Isabella and Anabella on a Bus Isabella and Anabella on the bus on the way back home.

Second place: Also got a chance to steal a few moments of one-on-one time (sort of, Anabella was with us) with Bettina. We were even stuck at a train station together because of sudden heavy rains making it difficult to get to the car. I didn’t mind. It was kind of romantic. Ahh, Europe. 😍

How do I feel?

Feeling good. Ready to run tomorrow. I do my 30-minute run/walk program, but I don’t count my warm up and cool down sessions anymore. So that means 15 x 1.5 min run, 0.5 min walk. Bring it!