Day 51

With day 51 in the books, I’m pleased to sit down and jot down a thought or two.

How did I do?

I did great!

I set out to run/walk for 30 minutes, and quite frankly it just didn’t feel challenging enough. So while I started in that vein, I just ran another 5K. It was already sweet as it was to go for, and execute, the 5K run when I wasn’t expecting it. But it was even more pleasing to nearly match my time from last Friday (about 10 seconds slower overall) at an average HR of 10 bpm less! My ability to keep my HR relatively low was eye opening for me.

Considering I’ve been doing a 5K a day, either walking or running, since Friday, a new trend has emerged which I will aim to sustain. Tomorrow I’ll walk, maybe also Thursday, and then run another 5K Friday. #FeelsGoodMan

The diet has been on point. Vegetables, fruit, lean meats. A few candies and chips aren’t good, but I feel physically so strong that I’m not too disappointed. And it was just a bit.

Highlight of the day?

Visiting Gouda in the morning with Bettina, Sofia, and Anabella to prepare for Isabella’s birthday (buy gifts, decorations, and little cakes). Visiting this cute little corner in the Netherlands is nice.

Alt text Whatever you dream up is likely a few steps away.

Second place: hanging out with Bettina’s uncle, Hans, who visited for a while in the afternoon. The whole stay was lovely, but their reactions to my weight loss (we had not seen each other in about three years) were excellent. They said I looked great. That was fun.

How do I feel?

I feel strong, healthy, happy. Tomorrow is Isabella’s 10th birthday, so it’s extraordinary! I look forward to celebrating together as a family.